Saturday, December 8, 2012

"It Ain't Easy Being Green"

So can I just start by saying that I LOVE SATURDAYS!!! Aside from the fact that Ace Face sleeps way too much throughout the day and wakes up super early to bark at the heat or the others awake in the house my favorite day  is Saturday. I get to sleep in until about 8ish and then I get to relax and have multiple cups of coffee, eat a yummy breakfast and then head out to Twirling Practice. I LOVE SATURDAYS....
What a Bum...
I LOVE my team and its always a fun experience working with them. I must say that I was a little nervous about joining a competition twirling team and being 4 years out of shape, but I must say that it's like riding a bike!!! The best part is that we are almost through learning our choreography for the routines which is great because that means that we can just drill drill drill... which is always the best part.

           Drilling- (In Baton Terms) Running a routine from beginning to end from walk out to walk off, so many times until you can practically do the routine in your sleep. 

I like to "drill" the best because that is when you can really add on the sass and make the routine your own. It also eases your nerves on competition day and that is always great!!!

I was a little worried that my coach was going to hold back on putting me in front and center positions until she saw me perform, but she has moved me all around and secured me a spot right in the center. My team mates also are happy with the way I do exchanges and so that has just boosted my confidence right there. I love twirling. It's such a great way to forget that I have responsibilities and an adult life and I can just be a twirler and have fun and chuck a baton in the air and do some crazy things...
Sometimes... I just Love my Dance Tights...
Saturdays are the best Days!!!! When I got home I showed my routine to Mikey Poo and then we made Kingle Cocoa's (Hot Cocoa with Cake Vodka and Creme de Menthe) And we watched Madagascar 3.... I lead an exciting life!!! But I wouldn't trade it for anything on the world.

Dadadadada Afro circus Afro circus... Polka dot polka dot polka dot polka dot!!!!!


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