Sunday, December 2, 2012

O Christmas Tree...

YAY!!! It's Sunday and we are GOING TO CUT DOWN OUR TREE TODAY!!!

I am not ( OMG YES I AM) excited for this at all... We went to Hopestill Farm in Sherborn
The people who run the farm are super nice. They gave us a saw and sent us on our Merry way to find a tree that wasn't already claimed. All trees are $55 dollars and they range in sizes... We got a 7 foot tree and its PERFECT For us. What's also awesome, we wanted to give Rich the guys who owns and the one who helped us a 5 dollar tip for helping us wrap our tree and get it in our car and he refused, he just said "come back again". They also had a sweet heart doggie named Scout who melted my heart. I did pet and give him a kiss... Yup

Us Cutting Down Our Tree... We all worked on this....
Then we went home and started to decorate and get the tree ready for the Christmas season.... the boys fought me on Football game vs Christmas Music/Movies....

Ace Face wanted to help... and so he had a few costume changes throughout the day :)
Ya know dress the tree.... dress the dog...
Our Tree all done!!!
There is nothing better than turning all the lights off lighting some candles and relaxing on the couch... that is what the night consisted of. We watched the Dallas vs Eagles game and guess what DALLAS WON!!!



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  1. Cute tree! I love our tree... It just makes the house more homey :)