Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Possible New Changes

Every year I reflect and think about what I want to do to change and be a better me. This year I am thankful for the "kinda"job and now that I have learned what the company has to offer and since I have tried my hand at a few professions I am thinking of a switch. I am 25 and want my Masters before I'm 30 and before I have kids.

I have worked with kids with special needs and I feel like there are too many overlooked kids and not enough people who have the educated background to deal with it. I have gone back and fourth on this and I just don't know, so if any of my readers have any advice, let me know.

Food Fails
 So on Sunday I wanted to make a batch of Paleo Cinnamon Rolls and they just did not come out right, They were dry and gross and I wasn't a fan. I have been lacking in the creative kitchen area and I think it's because I have so much to do and not enough to do it.

I am excited to be hosting Christmas Eve Dinner this year First Time Ever and it will be a Paleo feast with a few yummy additions of Mary's Antipaste, and some yummy Cannolis.

If you sat me down and asked me about my favorite foods you would think I was ITALIAN...

Anyways I am going to ponder on my ride home... and think of what awaits me at home...


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