Friday, December 14, 2012

The Must Have Paleo Cookbooks!!!

So let me start by saying that I rarely make a recipe that I find to a T. I usually like to look at recipes for ideas and then I usually make my own twist on them. I also find that when I buy or when I want a cookbook I usually have to WANT it for a while and I have to want to make more than 10 dishes in it or its not worth it. I am picky when It comes to Cookbooks. Not because they are not good, it just that I like to create my own meals. If your knew to Paleo then some of these books are a must have, so here it is.. My Cook book Must Haves...

I don't actually own this book, but I have made many of the dishes inside like, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mahi Mahi with Mango Chutney, Carrot Souffle, and Pumpkin Chiffon Pie to name a few. Mike even made my birthday cake from this book.This book is great for novice cooks and perfect for anyone looking to become paleo. The recipes are simple and reminiscent of how most people eat. I also like reading how the recipes were created and every recipe has a short section of why it was created. They even have a meal planning guide in the back for holidays so party planning is a breeze.

This is also a great book. Its a little more in depth and not for the novice cook, but once you have a handle on Paleo this is a great book. The dishes in here are adventurous and so GOOD. A must try for the family and when you need help re-inventing the wheel. Sarah also has a podcast that will help answer Paleo and crossfit questions. Check her out.

On my Wish List!!!
Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolf have a podcast called Balanced Bites and these women are friendly and smart. I am hooked on soaking up all their knowledge and I have put this on my Christmas list and if Santa forgets to leave this under the tree you bet your bum that I'll be first in line on the 26th to pick this up.
You cant have one without the other. I can't wait for this book to drop in early 2013 and YES I will also be pre-ordering this after Christmas. Look how cute she is, and her personality is so friendly and down to earth. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this cookbook. Liz also has her blog, you have to check her out...

Talk about WISH LIST... When I started Paleo I found Juli and her raw and fun blog made me feel better about the struggle with weight. Juli doesn't have the same issues as I do but she has no problem saying it like it is. She says what she feels and holds nothing back, and I love that. She also makes the yummiest and creative dishes like Buffalo Meat Loaf. Seriously this chick knows how to cook and I can't wait to own this cook book. Juli is great and if you want to read a fun blog then you need to read hers. Paleomg

Well that is all I have for now kids. Now don't get me wrong there are SOOOO MANY AWESOME Paleo cooks out there and so many more cook books to study and learn from. When I get more I will post them here!

Do you have any questions?
What are your favorite cook books?

Did ya know... I asked for this for Christmas one year because I loved Teresa and was looking to eat better and wanted to support my jersey girls. Honestly I have never cooked one meal from it. Once she got famous and her head got bigger than her hair I lost interest in her and her food. Plus I found the recipes either too complicated or too easy... Anyways my best advice is to SEE a cook book before you buy it or really search it online, Make sure you want to really go home and make the recipes inside or else it will just collect dust on your book shelf.


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