Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back in the Kitchen

MmM Leftovers.... GF Stir Fry with beef, onions, peppers and broccoli
I have gotten my cooking swag back on and I have been making more healthy dishes lately and I love how I feel after I cook...

One of my co-workers gave me this for Christmas, she made them last year too and they are sooo good, and addicting. Oh Yum...

Some Snowy Images of my House!
It's supposed to warm up this weekend so we can clean up some of that snow and make our house a bit more safe and less slippery.


Is your Christmas shopping all done?

Monday, December 16, 2013

2 Scrooges

So it's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! I am in such a cheery mood and I love everything about the holidays... Except my holiday lights outside... I decorated and minimally because I worked with what I had and my neighborhood totally came back and made me look so sad... I have a few strands of lights and it looks like I need a little help. Of course the snow came and have made it look even worse... Oye Maybe next year...

Speaking of lights, yup the top of my tree lights went out... gotta fix that tonight....

BTW I can't find my mistletoe.... and I still need to get a wreath... and some more fire wood...

Now onto my 2 Scrooges...

Mike was being a scrooge christmas shopping from the iPad... I didn't ask him to go to the mall or Shoppers World I asked him to Christmas shop from the couch, in his pj's, with a carmel machiatto  ( that I made him) and he was being a grump...
Then grumpy scrooge # 1 got me to come and look at something, pulling me away from my christmas music and sugar cookie baking whilst Scrooge # 2 went into the kitchen and ate a huge chunk of sugar cookie dough off the counter....
That is the face of guilt... and the face of MmM mom that dough was delicious for the 5.2 seconds that I tasted it before I whoofed it down.

This was my breakfast after shoveling for longer than I expected. Not only did it snow on Saturday night, but it also rained and sleeted and so there was a thick layer of ICE on top of the snow making it hard to shovel and heavy to throw.. Oye... But Man that breakfast hit the spot!

How is Christmas Planning going in your house hold? Get any snow?


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why I Buy Organic

I know I know... " Ashley organic is a scam, how can it organic, and organic is such a gimmick and so expensive how can you afford to eat like that.. " I know...

Well I can afford to eat organic because of videos like this...Be Aware that this video is VERY DISTURBING and very GRAPHIC. I couldn't watch any more than 10 seconds of the video.

Any food that requires the vicious slaughtering of animals is just not right. I know that some will think I am hypocritical because no I am not a vegetarian and yes I like my meat but that is the food cycle. I eat beef from cows that graze and eat grass, not genetically created corn so that they bloat and grow to be massive, same for for chicken, and pigs.

I know where my food comes from and I know that the people who prepare them for me do so in a way that doesn't torture the animal and gets to me the best fresh way possible. I am a big believer in you get what you put in. So if your eating gross meat washed with ammonia from an animal that eat created corn products then your not going to feel the best or get the best nutrition.

I don't know much and while I veer on and off this Paleo track and try new things, I always eat organic and grass fed meats from local farmers.

If you don't believe me.... then watch FoodInc. and it will change your life!!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Music Soothes My Soul

Tuesdays Are the BEST DAYS EVER!!!

Want to know why because it's the day when new albums drop. Last week one of my favorites had there album drop.
Yep that is right! Lady Gaga's Art pop album dropped and I really like a lot of the songs. Some of them are a bit artistic but I love the beats and the catchy verses.

This week, YESTERDAY the Daughtry album dropped! Baptized!!!!
Food for Thought:

Tonight Mike wanted a stir-fry so I stopped at the store and picked up some rice noodles, gluten free soy sauce, peppers and onions, and some chicken. The meal came together pretty quickly I quickly and it wasn't that many ingredients and still super yummy!

After dinner I hopped on the computer to get some work done. I also played a little Daughtry for Mike and he seemed to like the album. I think it's a little soft for him, but I think he enjoyed it, I know I did.


-How's your week going?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lunch Box Supplement Note? WTF Mate

So how is everyone today? Good... Awesome... So I am about to step of into a world of rant because I just can't believe my eyes. So I was drinking my coffee and perusing the internet when I stumbled across this terribly dumb article.

Two of the reasons I would never want to live in Cananda

Politicians like Rob Ford 


School Boards like this one... Who clearly aren't SMART

I am not yet a parent but I have been doing alot of research and I plan on raising my kids in a more Paleo-ish kind of lifestyle. So that being said if I had one child and I fed my kids based on the paleo lifestyle it would cost me $900 ($5.00 x 180 school days) and the school district would be feeding my child foods that I would have otherwise been trying to avoid. This is just CRAZY to me... This school should be in the same ring of crazy as the woman who told kids that they are too fat for Halloween Candy...

The point is they have this all wrong. My "imaginable" child may have a gluten tolerant. Missing a grain is not the end of the world, and if they were trying to be healthy Ritz Crackers would not be on my list. The fact that it's 2013 and this is the "NEW" thing is scary. I think a lunch consisting of meat, potatoes, milk, carrots, and orange is a pretty healthy lunch. I as an adult would be quite full and fueled for the day. 

 What are your thoughts? Should schools tell us what to eat and how much? What would you do if you got this note in the mail? Better yet, what was the cafeteria serving that day? 

Food for thought!!!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Freaky Friday

Hey Guys!!!
I am still super sore from Wednesdays work out! Last night I took it easy and just stretched a little and just had a relaxing night. Mike and I made wings for dinner and they were so yummy! My trick is to grill or bake them and they come out crispy and perfect every time... I also ONLY buy my wings from Whole Foods. Better food better fuel!!

We tossed them lightly in Franks Red Hot sauce and also some crazy ghost chili and habenero sauce. I ate one wing. It was yummy and definitely HOT. 
Random Thought for our Freaky Friday-
Would you do 30 squats in front of a machine in a Subway instead of paying for your fare? Check out this story?
I think this is awesome and I feel like it is something that we over look. It's so easy to hop on the elevator rather then walk that flight of stairs but a little movement in the day can make all the difference.
I would totally do this for a free ride.. and just think how much money you would save and pounds you would loose and strength you would get if you did this everyday for a month....


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Peanut Butter and Banana's!!!

I am back to my old favorite breakfast... Banana's and Teddie Peanut Butter!! If you are looking for a quick and healthy and filling breakfast you can't get any easier than this. When I am in a rush and my tummy is rumbling I just grab a couple scoops of peanut butter in a Tupperware container and throw a banana in my bag, grab a spoon and in two minutes I am out the door. Then you just throw the banana in either by slicing it or just breaking it into peices with your hand and Voila! Breakfast is ready...
I was in a rush this morning. I snoozed longer than I wanted to and I got up a bit late. I wanted to make breakfast but I just didn't have time. I do love this breakfast though! It yummy and filling and it takes me some time to eat it which is perfect! Keeps me eating longer and fuller longer. Sipping a lovely coffee with So Delicious Creamer :)

Last night while my yummy pork chops cooked I worked out...
8 Rounds for Time
This totally kicked my butt and I am super duper sore today!!! Wonder what crazy work-out I will do tonight... I am thinking some serious stretching is in order as well!

Twirling is in full swing and I love it! I love learning new routines and I totally love the team! So happy to be back with my family!!! Hopefully we will get to compete with my old team sometime this year!!!
How are you guys doing?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Motivational Quote

"Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success. Do what you love; success will follow"

--David McGillivray

I read this on CarrotsNCake this morning and it really had an affect on me. I am a worry wart by nature and so unfortunately that lends me to struggle with finding happiness. Oddly enough I spend most of my day building people up and encouraging them that they are doing a great job and re-assuring them that I love them and care for them. 

I often beat myself up and I don't give myself enough credit sometimes. I am working on it though... So this morning when I read this quote I thought, "Yep that is totally true" I need to remember that every single day. 

Honestly how can you be successful when your not happy? So this made me think of what I truly love and how it can bring me success... 

Twirling makes me happy and completely reduces my stress level. I can totally forget the problems I have and just put all my energy into it. It also forces me to care about my weight because I have to put on tights and leotards and so it helps me stay in track with diet...

Ace makes me happy, I can be crying and angry and cuddling with this lil guy just makes my mood so much better. Which reminds me how dumb the little things can be and to just let them roll off my back. I also know that I can be a great puppy mom while still be strict and have a well behaved disciplined pup!

MICHEAL!! He is my best friend and him and I have succeeded on so many great projects so far, graduating colleges, moving out on our own, raising a terrific pup, Buying our first house! We have truly succeeded in everything we have worked together on and I am so excited to accomplish even more!

So be happy and success will come!!! We took Ace for a walk around the neighborhood last night and he loved it. He passed right out after dinner!!!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting In Groove

Tonight, when I get home I am running upstairs changing into workout gear and leashing Ace up and we are heading out for little jogging/walking in our neighborhood. My mind is full of craziness so I need to unleash some stress and get in a good workout.

Tonight for dinner I think we will just eat some leftovers and keep it easy. I hate seeing food go to waste. I also plan on making a meal plan for the week and then doing my shopping. I have a big Halloween party this Saturday that I am so excited for!!! I can't wait to have everyone over and just act like young kids and have a blast...

Wanna see what's been going on in my world... Here is a Photo recap!

Cards Against Humanity!!! You MUST play it's FABTABULOUS!!! I won by the way!!!

I am all READY for Halloween and Trick or Treaters!!! I can't wait!!!

My House looks quite awesome! Day or Night!!!

Whats Shaking with you guys?


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back on Track

I decided today that I need to stop making excuses and just get in the game. I feel like I am getting a bit fluffy so my plan is to get rid of it rather then pack anymore on. I am struggling with some frustrations at work and so instead of trying to race my way to the bottom of a bottle I need to exhaust my stress away. So I am getting back on the work-out train... Going to make Ace my work out puppy and shed the extra fluff and tone up this awesome bod... Going to be back on my strict diet before you know it!
That said lets recap a few of my favorite things lately...
If you love Football you NEED to watch this program it was insightful and honest... I am not saying that Football needs to go away because I'd be the first to cry but I am saying that there are ways to make it safer and keep it fun without ruining people's lives...

Mike's Favorite Mexican Cassarole... I have been making this once a week and Mike loves it... Its kinda like a cheat but still pretty healthy and definitely fills our mexican craving... look for a recipe soon... I also have a bunch rolling around in my head so stay tuned... I will try and post at least one new recipe a week!

How awesome are these babies, we had a housewarming and Lindsay came to visit and she brought me these they are Sam Adams candle holders from real beer bottles how fun!!! Thanks Lindz and Scott!!

How are things going on your end of the blogosphere... What are you missing from my end of the computer?


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Years in Heaven

Not to get all mushy and gushy but today is my anniversary with my BF Mike! We met in college the very first week and have been together ever since. We have been through so many fun and crazy things... Instead of being all girly and silly I decided I'd recap my favorite moments of the last 7 years!!!

Senior Formal 2006 - I took Mike to his first ever Formal Dance! He never went to Prom!!

Concerts We have been to so many concerts together, Nickelback, Daughtry, Linkin Park
Baseball Games- We have been to so many Redsox and Mets Games!!
Sitting on the Right Feild Roof Deck TWICE and The Mets Game for my 21st birthday were my favorite!!
Traditions - Mike and I have created so many fun traditions and one of them is my favorite, Carving Pumpkins!!

Patriots Play off Game!!! They lost and it was bitter cold but it was so much fun!!

Road Tripping to Louisiana to get Mike's Car!!

Our first Hiking Trip!!

Our First Christmas... It was cute and sweet and a bit Ghetto... A fake table top tree ontop of a cooler covered with a Brown Blanket

Getting our little boy Ace was one of the most FUN and Exciting experiences!

The Color Run... Mike and I hate running but this was Fun and Different and Hilarious
Mike also never planned on running and decided to join the fun, and he and I stayed together the whole 5K even though we were with a big group.

My cooking... I have tried so many new and exciting recipes and Mike eats it all... The flips and Flops
Our First House... Its an exciting and fun time!!!
Thanks Babe for so many great adventures!! To Many Many More!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello... Goodmorning!! I am currently blogging from my back deck and I love it!!! I have an awesome view of my lovely back yard.
So I know that I have been a Little MIA lately but you don't have to worry because I am back and I will be here to stay. Blogging is a tad difficult at times with my crazy schedule but I promise to be here more often. I have a lot of cool and fun things going on in my life and so I want to share them with you.

I will be back in the kitchen and cooking more interesting and yummy dishes to share with you starting with tonight's. Tonigh I am going to make Paleo Lasagna I think.. I want to try a new recipe with my own variation of eggplant ricotta. OMG my mouth is watering just thinking of it.

On the agenda today is some light housework stuff, some errands and what have you, maybe some ice cream eating... and hopefully getting to hang with the neighbors and get to know them a bit.

Happy Sunday Funday!!!
Oh yeah Football starts today... Starting with the Pats at 1pm and then the Cowboys at 8pm!!! Yeah Buddy!!!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are You Gonna Watch the VMA'S?

I AM!!!! Want to know why?
I Am SUCH AN NSYNC ADDICT... Yup I still am..
I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR THE VMA's This year... I feel like I am 13 again!!!!

Guess who is opening the VMA's....
I am so excited for the VMA's I used to LOVE and HATE the VMA's because it was always such a great show and I always looked forward to it, but it also would take over MTV for like days and days, of old and repeat VMA's and it also meant that it was the end of the summer... Which was a major bummer...

Is it Sunday yet?!?!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Too Full After Lunch?

Sometimes when I don't eat a perfectly paleo breakfast like this...
I find myself ravenous around 10:30/11 am. By that point I am either scoping out the online menu for the cafe in the building or I am eyeing my lunch that I brought in from home. Then by the time lunch comes and ends I'm stuffed. Today I had the last of our steak fajitas and boy am I so full.. I ate the peppers and onions and steak pieces with a few bites of a GF Tortilla and OMG I'm ready for a nap. I just don't understand I ate less for lunch than I did last night for dinner yet I am FULL.

This morning when my alarm went off I was supposed to get up, and take the pup out for a nice run/walk around the neighborhood.
But I felt more like this guy and I just hit snooze and rolled over. Now that I have a DVR I am terrible at trying to stay awake for some TV. I lay down and get comfy and watch rather than do productive things and multitask like I used to. So last night I fell asleep on the couch and Mike woke me up to go to bed at like 12. He went to bed with me, but he must have gone back downstairs to do some work because at 2am he was walking in and turning on lights.

So My plan to get up and run was much defeated. Yes I made my decision, and didn't run, but I plan on hitting the pavement when I get home tonight. I have a few errands to run, and then its home to get me and the pup some exercise... I just don't feel good! I need to get back to my lean mean working out machine!!!


What is your motivation to get up and workout in the morning?

Monday, August 12, 2013


So I love LEFTOVERS!!! I always feel guilty when I buy lunch at work, for a few reasons. 

1. I am spending money on food that I have in the house.
2. I also make terrible healthy choices when I buy food at work. I usually go for what looks best and feed into cravings. 
3. I think about how much money I could have spent at Old Navy or Gap with the money that I spend on lunches at work. 

This week I have been bringing my lunch with me to work and they have been super yummy!!! I brought in my Paleo Chicken and Eggplant Parm. or Steak and Potatoes with leftover veggies. 

When I make dinner I usually make way more than I plan, and I also have some easily prepared salads ready to make in a snap. When I cook I am always thinking about if it can be eaten the next day, Things like Fish and Sushi are just not my thing for a leftover so I always make according to what works best as a leftover. I also would rather cook a bigger dinner to keep me full at night and make it pointless to snack. I don't snack during the day at work but when I am home at night I  snack snack snack. These are just my quick tips and it makes everything so much easier.


What are your favorite Leftovers?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paleo Eggplant Parm!!!

How delicious does that look? OMG its SOOO good, and just what I needed to get me back on track... on the left is what is leftover from dinner on Monday, Eggplant Parm and Chicken Parm for Mike... (he doesnt like egglplant) I have already started to think about how to make this even better next time!

What makes this Paleo is that I dredged the eggplant and Chicken in an egg wash, and then in a dusting of Almond flour that was seasoned with Parsley and salt and pepper. Mike didn't even know that I paleofied his Chicken Parm, I also made so much that we didn't need any pasta or veggies on the side... Next Time I make this I think it will be even better. The leftovers were spot on!!! So delicious! I just finished all the leftovers today and I am full and satisfied and a little sad. Yesterday I had the Leftover eggplant and a banana. Today I finished up both the eggplant parm. and then brought some left over broccoli and I honestly threw in the towel once I got to the Broc. I am so full.

What are you looking at DAD?!?
If you can tell the room behind my precious ace face has changed color. Mike and I are doing some house stuff and I'll share some pictures very soon so stay tuned.

I also have a ton of PALEO MEALS coming your way from my new kitchen! So stay tuned for that as well!

Got Questions? Comments? Complaints? Leave me a comment and let me know how I am doing!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things...

Mike and I have not really been making great food choices, and that all stops today... This morning we had some yummy gluten free waffles... I KNOW... Its not totally Paleo.. there is prob rice flour or something in it, BUT our kitchen and house is turned upside down while we finish painting. I wanted to start us off on the right foot so, this morning we had Van's Mini Waffles.
They were pretty good. Even Mike liked them. He knows that I am trying to swap out the crap foods for better foods and so he hesitant when I say, "Hey babe try this" he always thinks its a trick.

On tonight's agenda, we are finishing painting the living room so we can move our stuff back in... and get things in a more working order around here...

I am excited to try some new recipes from Gather a cookbook I bought right before the move... It's more meant for entertaining but hey leftovers are great for lunch!!

Tomorrow Night I have free tickets to the Pawtucket Red Sox.. So its should be a great Friday night!!!
See ya Soon,


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back In Action

Hey All,

So lets just do a quick update and refresh via Pictures...

Mike and I bought our FIRST House

Dan and Meg had there last fling at the Bach/ Bachelorrette Parties

Dan and Meg Got Married

We went Camping in RI

Our Friends Jimmy and Erica got Married

I went to Ohio to compete in the TU National Competition and came home a winner!

Mike went to Germany to Set Up a Data Center from the ground up!

And Finally Here we are...

Ace is adjusting to his new home quite well and misses me talking about him on my blog so Ace's page will be getting updated more frequently and we will see more of this playful pup.... He loves his freedom and his back yard and does a great job of protecting it from lawnmowers, toys, and squirrels.

Our house is finally taking shape, we bought a house and then spent every waking moment away from it. Great Plan.... Our life has just gotten so crazy that we kind of got a little too busy for life and so now we are finally digging in and getting comfy in our new house... Paint is going up... Locks are changed, things are moving!!!

Finally Food for thought! Paleo has kind of fallen out of our life. With everything going on in our life we haven't had time to grocery shop and cook, and honestly when i had all of the best intentions I would just end up throwing away produce and food. So life has kind of gone to convenience and lets just say I have never felt so bloated and gassy and uncomfortable... So Mike and I are getting back on track and will be going back to the traditional meat and veggies, my belly just can't take much more. Oh and Rumor has it I may just be going back to Crossfit!

There is a new box opening near my house and I need to kick start my workouts again so for the end of the summer and such I am going to get back into the gym and wake those muscles up... I miss my biceps and quads.

I miss my eggs and Bacon, and paleo pancakes, and feeling FANTASTIC...