Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Change Your Way of Thinking...

So I get questions from friends about what are good quick dinners on the go, and one of my Blogger friends who just went Paleo had some questions for QUICK, EASY, and ZERO REHEATING, and REFRIDGING.

It's a tall order but the answer came to me pretty quickly. So here Goes... First of all, if your Paleo or just eating Clean like CNC or BEAH BUTT ( Who is single and ready to mingle ;) ) then here are my suggestions...

1. Plan ahead, inventory your fridge and freezer on Sunday and make a list of what dinners your going to make and what you need to buy. Do your grocery shopping on a full stomach when you have time to walk around and search out the deals. To save money I meal plan and shop at both Whole Foods and Stop n Shop. S&S is better sometimes for fresh veggies, but the meats are better quality at Whole Foods.

2. Meal Prep. It's better to make healthy choices when hunger sets in if you have good food in the fridge, So I hard boil eggs in the beginning of the week. Pre chop and wash veggies and fruits, I always lunch meats like Ham and Salame on hand and sometimes I even brown up some chicken breasts for protien in a snap. If your a fan of Tuna, stock your pantry with good tuna. I also am in love with Teddie Peanut Butter so I always have a jar on hand... I KNOW I KNOW Peanuts are NOT Paleo because they are a legume, but I seem to be ok with Peanuts and I Love my easy snack of PB and banana and I love my Paleo pancakes with Peanut Butter Versus Almond Butter... I don't mind Almond butter I am just on a PB kick at the moment.

* I know that I don't eat 100% Paleo all the time and that I eat more clean than I do Paleo, however I still like to say that I eat Paleo because I don't eat grains and I do follow Paleo Chefs and read more and more about it each day. But I do love my Peanut Butter and Cheese, which are the Devil!!!

Quick Dinner Ideas are as Follows:

-Tuna or chicken salad made with Homemade Mayo, or mixed with Avacado ( for Fat) with two hard boiled eggs, Carrot Sticks or Bell Pepper sticks on the Side.

-Big Ass Salad with 3 HardBoiled Eggs, Protien of Choice, Avacado, Lightly dressed, with banana and Nut Butter of Choice.

- 3 Deviled Eggs, mixed up with Home Made mayo, 6 or 7 Slices of lunch meat or a whole chicken breast eaten with Avacado.

A recommendation for GayleMarie would be to eat your typical breakfast. Then Whatever you would make normally for dinner, Prepare that ahead of time on Sunday, so Chili, or Steak and Sweet Potato, Paleo Pad Thai, and then portion it for lunch during the week, Then have items like the ones above ready and waiting in your fridge or in a lunch box with and Ice Pack. This way your eating your more hearty meals in the middle of the day and then eating lighter meals at dinner time, Right before or after your workout.

Paleo is all about getting enough Fats and protien to keep you full, I know that when I don't have enough fat in my meal I am looking for a snack later... the key is to listen to your body and know what and when to eat.

Also... For your yogurt Love... Try This...


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