Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dress Rehersal

So today was a first... We had a full dress Rehersal for twirling since our first competition is on Saturday!!! I have to say I was extremely nervous leading up to today and now I feel much better. We twirled in our costumes and then we just drilled... I made a million mistakes but hopefully I left them at the studio and got all the kinks out....

Mike was a busy bee, and took down all the Christmas lights and the decorations and then we both took down the tree.... It's been a long day and so now I am a friends watching some football and Miss America!!! There is a twirler!!! And icing my knee and back.

I can definitely say that twirling as an adult is much harder on the body, I certainly feel it more and get sore but it's worth it. I am having so much fun and I wouldn't change it for anything....

Here are some photos from my Saturday... Ohh I had a bomb breakfast for sure Paleo pancakes with peanut butter!!! So good ohh and bacon too ;) Elvis would have been proud !!

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