Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Marvin Autrey IV

8LBs 9ounces and 19In Long

Welcome to the World Little Guy!!!
Last night the best thing happened... At 8:06pm on Wednesday January 23 2013 Baby Marvin was BORN!

 I was on baby watch all day texting my mom and Mary and Friends. I couldn't wait for him to finally come into the world. This is the first baby in our family since I am an adult. It's so different now to know that my mommy days are not to far away. Last night me and the roomies sat around and explained all the crazy stuff about babies being born. Let's just say that Mike has a whole new understanding of births.

I was sad to be three states away and miss the birth of little Baby Marvin, but that is life. I love living in the Boston area and while I wish my family was closer, it still doesn't stop me from going home to visit. I will see him this whole weekend... I can't wait to hold him, and change his diaper, and kiss his lil belly, and introduce him to his cousin Ace and see Mike hold the baby. It's gonna be a great weekend and I am READY!!!

Mike and I popped his last bottle of Ommegang beer that he got for Christmas. It was delicious and was just what I needed. We also have Steak and Sweet Potato Chips and Green Beans in honor of Baby Marvin. Mike Celebrated with some Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream and I had a small Square of Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch.

Work Out of the Day - WOD

50 Squats
4 Sets of Ten TRX Pushes
4 Sets of Ten TRX Rows
4 Sets of 10 sec each Ring Hangs
I did both of these

My workout was fun and simple and BOY AM I SORE. I love that I can workout in my own house especially since the temp has been in single digits... I don't sit in traffic my workouts are quick and effective and I don't have that weird, Hot and Cold and Sweaty thing... there is nothing worse than putting on your coat to go outside when your all gross and sweaty.

Tonight will be a rest night, and I am going to foam roll and stretch and then organize my closet and life. One More Day till I get to meet Baby Marvin!!!


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