Sunday, January 27, 2013

He Can Fart on Me...

Look how little he is.... isn't he a cutie, he must have my good looks. Haha Just Kidding. I love this little guy so much. He is super cute and even though he slept the whole time we  bonded. He had gas and so he was tooting on me ALOT. He is the only person who can fart on me and I won't mind.

This was Mike's first newborn that he has ever held. At first he was nervous but he held him like a natural and it was super cute to watch him hold the baby. Just notice how GIANT his hand looks against the little baby.

Such a sleepy baby.... I can't wait until this little guy gets a bit bigger and we see his personality!

Food For Thought
So over the weekend I ate a little off Paleo but I remained balanced. I brought my bananas and peanut butter and tried to make the best decisions. I even got to eat at a YUMMY JERSEY Dinner and omelette and with Pork Roll and Cheese. It was so yummy.

So everything in moderation and babies all the time!!!


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