Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year... New You!!

The number on New Year’s Resolution is always to Lose Weight. Gym’s see an increase in memberships and the TV is filled with commercials and gimmicks about this shake and that diet and all the above. 

I can say that last year my thought was much like these, I wanted to lose weight in 2012 much like I have wanted to so many times before. I have lost weight in the past and then gained and then lost. In 2012 I wanted to lose and so I tried the Paleo “diet” (It makes me cringe to see diet anywhere near the word Paleo). I knew Friends that had started to eat Paleo and I thought…

“Well I will just eat this way until I get to my goal weight and then once I reach that then I will just make better and healthy choices to maintain that weight.”

This was a good thought until I realized that I feel better when I eat clean and that why would I eliminate all these foods, to be healthy and lose weight, just to introduce them back in and risk gaining the weight back. I had to face the reality that I have never been the greatest at maintaining my weight. I have Yo-Yoed for years and so something needed to give. I have never noticed that my body is slightly allergic to grains and some dairy. I have had knee problems since I was a young athlete and eating clean and grain free those problems are eliminated.

I have been trying to tell my friends and family to just try Paleo for a month. Just buy a Paleo Cookbook and try out some of the recipes. Will it be easy, probably not, but nothing that is new is easy. I started this blog to help those that just want to take a stab at Paleo, and want to make the best transition. At the end of the day, all you need to focus on is eating lots of yummy protein and veggies and fruits. I always say, Much like many in the paleo world, cut down on your intake of grains, don’t eat grains in the morning or at night, or only eat grains once a week.

“People who eat Paleo want to be healthy, People who follow diets want to TRY and be healthy.” –ME

I know a lot of people who will hate me for that last statement, and dieticians as well, but it all goes back to one thing, processed foods are the true evil, we don’t know what’s in it and we don’t know what it is doing to us. If we found out that grains and processed foods were responsible for Cancer who would stop eating those foods? Probably anyone who knows anybody who has suffered from cancer.

If you COMPLETELY disagree with me on Paleo just think about avoiding the idea of processed foods, if you choose to eat breads, buy a bread maker and make your own with fresh and great products. If you choose to eat Pasta’s make your own. Back in the day we worked hard to put food on the table, and now we just pour contents out of a box, or call for Take-Out.


Btw I made CNC's English Muffin this morning and it was bomb I want to try it tomorrow with some Nut Butter on it! :) 

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