Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfectly Paleo

So I know that the name of my blog says that I eat weird and the that I am living the Paleo Life. That is all true, one thing that some people have noticed is that I don't eat 100% Paleo all the time. That is also true, reason being is that there are some things in life I just won't give up. One thing I have learned by switching my diet is that I feel better when I eat better. I don't feel guilty I just feel satisfied and I feel like I can enjoy my food more. While I don't eat a lot of what I used to I still indulge and enjoy non Paleo foods from time to time. I am learning what my body can handle and I simply try and plan accordingly to keep my gut and body in check. I have a new found love for Teddie Peanut Butter, and while peanuts are not "Paleo" because they are a legume and are not good for humans they seem to be just fine for me. I eat and listen to my body and stay away from what makes me feel sick.

I reach for Teddie peanut butter over other brands because Teddie is all natural and organic and has less than one gram of sugar per serving. If i can reach for a bowl of banana and peanut butter rather than a big slice of cake, or a bowl of ice cream than that is a much better and healthier choice. It's all about choices and some are just not worth it. I want to get to the best shape of my life and so I am working towards that day by day. So what if I have a small piece of dark chocolate just as long as I exercise.

Plus I need to get this body and these arms in shape for Wedding season since I am going to three weddings this year and I want to buy a new dress or two and so I want to buy something different that is not something I own. Can I just say I have WAY TOO Much of the same things in my closet in different colors.. yeah I need to clean out my closet. I know I promised some style posts... and don't you worry they are coming!!! Stay tuned

Work Out of the DAY - WOD

We set up the TRX last night and so my workouts are going to be a mix of TRX, Crossfit, Gymnastics, and Twirling/Yoga...
I decided it's time to get serious about working out, I want abs and ripped arms and more flexibility so I NEED to get my butt in gear. So that is what I am doing.

5 Sets of TRX Push Up Hold
40 Unbroken TRX Rows
30 Squats broken into Sets of Ten

It was my first REAL workout in weeks and I was sore and tired after. Tomorrow I will up my game.

I need to vary my workouts and be more creative with them so that I don't get bored and give up. When the weather warms up I am going to challenge myself to some light running with Ace!

What are your workout goals and how are they going?


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  1. Love TRX! and if you think you're sore today, just wait until tomorrow!

    PS - Congratulations, Aunt Ashley :)