Monday, January 7, 2013


Stress… For such a short word, there is so much that come with that. Being that it’s a new year I always feel a bit stressed out. There are always high emotions around the holidays and the new year and each new year there are expectations to make the new year better than the one before. As always there are new challenges to face and hardships to overcome along with many new memories to make and fun and un expected surprises. I am trying to face this new year and move throughout it dealing with my stress better. That is a task I am challenging day by day.

Life Recap:

Wedding bells are ringing for Dan and Meg and while they have certainly felt like family they will officially become family sometime this year. They are knee deep in Wedding planning and it certainly is fun to see them talk about their wedding day. 

So typical
Too Cute for Words

Baby Marvin is COMING TO TOWN… We had Tracey and Marvin’s Shower and I was happy to be there and help out. My mom and Mary and the whole NJ crew did such an amazing job. It was so beautiful and everything was great. I hope Tracey and little Marvin enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to hold the little bugger and give him lots of kisses and be the best Auntie there is. I will always have gum, and an appetite for Ice Cream, as well as unlimited energy to play games and run around, and I will teach him anything he wants to learn. Baby Marvin, Your cool aunt it right here!!!

So many things are happening and it’s only 8 days into January. There are so many awesome new adventures to come up in 2013 and I can’t wait to face them all.


Ps. So far I am doing well back on the Paleo life, Feeling better, sleeping better, and trying so many new recipes. Check Back for more recipes soon!

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