Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Five Posts in 2012

 Here are my Top Most Read Blog Posts in 2012!!! Thanks for the Support!

1. Jennifer Livingston Story and Healthy Living 

One of the best reasons I love having my blog is having a place to voice my own opinions. I can hone in on my broadcast love and speak my mind about any topic and even if only one person reads it ( Hi Mom) that's A O.K. with me. It is really awesome to see people reading the posts that I truly do believe in though.

2. Hi My Name is Ashley and...

This one makes me laugh, I wrote it because I realized how much I needed to purge in my life and it also highlights one of my favorite Paleo recipes Paleo Orange Chicken... Looking for a laugh and a good dinner idea check this out....

3. Barf Breath

I learned a lot about Ace Face this year and I also learned how to make Paleo Shepards Pie. Take a look at one of the craziest posts to date!!!

4. A little inspiration

  Just when I was about to give up and quit my silly blog I learned that there were people reading my blog, and even if they weren't reading today there might be readers tomorrow... 

5. GMO's and Pot... yes Pot... 

I find it funny that this was also a  popular one, but I guess if you put Pot in it anyone will read it. Gotta love my controversial articles landing on top!!

Which Posts were your favorite? What do you want more of on You Eat Weird?

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