Friday, January 4, 2013

"What Good is a Life Without Someone To Share"

Don't you just LOVE Gavin Degraw!!!!

Today started out rough, and I was looking forward to trying an English Muffin with some Nut butter from CNC. Oh well Maybe tomorrow. 

My morning Started like this...

-Killer Leg Cramp, with Dog on top of me, and a sore leg for the day.
-Said "Dog" Vomits on my bed... My side of the bed
- Then the Sick puppy Slept on Top of me until my alarm went off... 

It was a rough morning, Which meant that I didn't Get to make breakfast. I hurried into work and Today has been a good day so far...For a short week this is sure does feel quite long... Anways, More Paleo eats on the way!!! 

Happy Friday!


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