Wednesday, February 27, 2013

9:45 WTF?

So last night I did my workout and guess what my time was... YUP 9 minutes and 45 seconds AGAIN... Sheesh. Anywho so last night I did...

10 Rounds For Time
10 Walking Lunges
10 Pushups

Lets just say that today I am sore!!! Like My back is sore, every AB known to man, my arms... it all hurts. So today is a very well deserved REST DAY. I am thinking an easy dinner with a movie tonight... on the Menu tonight is Spaghetti Squash with Homemade Sauce and Sausages. YUM. I am excited for dinner already. I am a little sad that were not gonna have RAO's sauce but hey that stuff is made expensive... so my own homemade sauce will have to do.

Last night for dinner I made wings and Sweet Potato Fries. I had something else planned but we forgot to take some protien out of the freezer and our chicken wing dinner is easy and fast and only costs 6 bucks... not too shabby. I made two kind of wings, Sweet n Spicy Asian Style and Traditional Buffalo. I forgot to take a picture because I was BEAT. OMG! So sore and so tired...

Tonight I need to befriend my foam roller and rest up this body... My back needs to heal for Twirling on Saturday and also because the pain is ZERO fun.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


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