Friday, February 15, 2013

Here Comes the Boom

So basically Kevin James is quite a hysterical human being, and I would watch any show or movie that he's in. So on my way home from work I stopped and got a movie, Here Comes the Boom.
It was a good movie, but I - can'treallyremembertheendbecauseIfellasleep- Whoops. Any ways our night was low key, We met at Whole Foods and Mike surprised me with a Mocha Latte and we went and picked out dinner. I wanted Chicken Pot Pie that only needed to be reheated, but he wanted Seafood. After assuring him I wasn't cooking we made a GREAT DECISION! I just ordered a bunch of yummy appetizer options, and some cheese and crackers. Then we headed to the check out.When I got home, Mike surprised me with a bottle of our favorite wine, my favorite beer, and an array of yummy chocolate bars.

Stuffed Clams, Cheese n Crackers, Lobster Arrancini, Crab Rangoon, Lobster Egg Roll... and Wine :)

Then he told me that he didn't get me flowers because he said that he would have spent 50+ dollars on flowers and that he shouldn't just buy me flowers on Valentines Day and that he needs to be better at surprising me with flowers and little surprises now and then. He has learned so much!!!

It was the best kind of night. We sat there with Dan and Meggles and we just hung out and had a relaxed and low key night... Those are the best kinds of nights.... And the best part... I got to cuddle in my PJs with my boys...

I'm a Simple Kinda Girl!


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