Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Holy Guacamole

So to say that I am sore would be an understatement. I learned the hard way that I recently used the TRX incorrectly. I have been using the TRX for three weeks or so but last night I must have tweaked something in my back or used my Lower back instead of my core... BIG MISTAKE... I am ├╝ber sore this morning my back is yelling at me.

My abs hurt too. Last night I kicked my own ass and I knew that right after I finished. Let's recap my work out...

Last Nights WOD:

4x TRX push ups
4x TRX bicep curls
4x scap retractions on the rings
4x ring holds at 10 sec each

Then I did the WOD;
7 Rounds For Time
7 squats
7 Burpees

I finished the WOD in 9:45... I kept moving the whole time and as I got to my last set I saw that I was approaching the 10 min mark and I went pedal to the metal. I want to revisit this one in a month n see if I can beat my time!!! So we will see :)

On Deck to tonight is 10 rounds for time
10 walking lunges
10 push ups
Sounds challenging we will see how I do!!!


How are your workouts going Lindz?

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