Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How I Follow a Blog

How I Pick a Blog to Follow
 So There are a few blogs that I check several times a day, and everyday. Carrots N Cake, GmRuns, PBfingers, and Change of Pace just to name a few. Check out my blog roll for more of a few recommendations.

When I pick a blog there are a few things I do, Check the About Me Section to see what there story is, I like when I can relate to the weight struggles. I like to connect to the blogger and I typically go back to the ones that I can see myself being friends with.

I also look for bloggers that LOVE animals or that have dogs

I love my Ace Face and Riperdoodle and so I love when a blog talks about there dogs too because I always have Ace on my blog.

I love to catch up on my favorite bloggers and I tend to check them several times a day.

The Last thing that draws me to Blogs are RECIPES I am always looking for new recipes and there is always amazing Paleo recipes online. That is one way I am lead to a ton of blogs, and then the other factors help make up my mind whether I will continue to go back.

-What are your thoughts about YouEatWeird?
-What do you want to see more or  less of?

I really want your feedback and am interested to see who out there in internet land is reading my crazy thoughts and rants... besides my mom and occasionally Mike.


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