Monday, February 25, 2013

New England Snow and Bikini Season

Lets start out with some Fun Pictures 
I <3 Snow and Ace

So while I eat Paleo, I don't eat paleo 100%. When I started You Eat Weird I was, I cut out all sugar and I ate very strict and I felt great and I saw the pounds melt away. Now I am eating 100% Mon thru Fri and killing it on the weekends... I learned a very hard lesson on Sat night when I was doubled over in stomach pain with heartburn, that maybe I need to go 100% and let my cheats be Paleo Cheats, because lets face it my digestive system hates Gluten and Grains. I have realized that my life is always much better when I plan it out. I have a better diet and make healthier choices when I meal plan and have the right foods in the fridge. I work out consistently when I have a membership to a gym and take classes. Lets face it I am not a personal trainer or a Strength and Conditioning coach like my roommates so just knowing what to do when I work out is tricky. So here is my plan...

My Twin decided it would be fun to start a friendly competition to see who can get in the best shape for the Summer. We both can't afford to have gym memberships so we are going to go balls to the wall with whatever work out we have available to us without enlisting in a gym membership. I have been posting my workouts on here and I will continue to do that more with weekly plans of my work outs to get me in shape for wedding season... ( I have three weddings to attend this YEAR) (none are my own... Thanks Mike!) JK ( Only sort of).

This Weeks Work Out Plan:

Mon: Arms on TRX and WOD 7 Rounds: 7 Squats, 7 Burpee
Tues: Legs on TRX and WOD 10 Rounds: 10 Walking Lunges, 10 Push-ups
Wed: Rest Day (stretch and Foam Roll)
Thurs: For Time WOD - 100 Jumping Jacks, 75 Air Squats, 50 Push-ups, 25 Burpees
Fri: Rest Day (Stretch and Foam Roll)
Sat: Twirling
Sun: U Pick!

I am going to try and mimic the crossfit mentality, Stretching, some kind of warmup and strength, followed by a Workout Of the Day. So that is my plan. I want to do 3 to 4 WOD like workouts with Twirling, Stretching and Rest Days mixed in.

My sister and I will weigh in tomorrow and I am going to post my starting weight and MAYBE some pics...

*** Since I want Lindz and I to WIN I am sweetening the deal. If she can loose more body fat than me and can get to a goal body image by June 28th then I will buy her a Victoria's Secret Bikini of Choice.*** Yup you hear that Lindz, a free bikini for your new bod!

So get to squatting, and push-upping, and do some burpees, and some sit-ups!!! Good Luck and Get Skinny!

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