Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paleo Police and the Controversy

I created this blog to share my recipes with my friends and to hold me accountable for what I do and say. I have really changed my life and my diet and I LOVE IT... I consider myself Paleo but maybe not 100% of the time,.... Does that mean I can't talk about my non-paleo-eats... ummm no it's my blog. My life is crazy busy and I am just trying to figure out how to navigate it sometimes and sometimes I want to stuff my face with foods that are not PALEO... Ohhh well, I will pay for it later in my digestion....

Juli the author of the New Cookbook coming out Paleo OMG and the blogger of paleomg posted this yesterday and I WHOLE HEARTEDLY Agree with her!

I make a ton of her foods and other recipes that I find online, I am getting more drawn to gluten free cooking and gluten free baking.... WHY because I love to bake and sometimes I want  yummy sweet treat. I know many in the Paleo community say that these TREATS really aren't "Paleo" per say, ok maybe they aren't but it's yummy and its all NATUAL foods. Should I change my blog everytime I change the way I eat, no... because while I may eat off Paleo sometimes, I eat on Paleo much more. I love my steak and sweet potato, and my eggs and bacon. I like to whip up home made Mayo, and I'll eat a plate of deviled eggs for breakfast.

Not Paleo....But YUMMY
Perfectly Paleo... and YUMMY

I love the natural and processed free talk and lifestyle of the Paleo community. I love buying meats from places that treat the animals amazingly and create better meat for me and my family. I don't however like getting criticized when I decide to take a day off or indulge in a meal. It's my body and my life and this space is made for me to share great ideas of other bloggers and add a little Ace into your day.
Sooo Cute... 

Read or Don't read I Eat Weird and I AM living the Paleo Life the way I want. I hope to see you all around and I hope you all enjoy the glimpse into my crazy little life... I have some big things on the horizon but its all a little too soon. So chill out and grab a deviled egg or a cupcake and stay tuned!!


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