Thursday, February 21, 2013

You Might Be a Redneck If...

So I am KIND OF obsessed with shows like Moonshiners and Full Throttle Saloon. Rednecks and Bikers, um yeah, I might be a closet Redneck. I find it fascinating learning about moonshining and the extreme lenghts they go to brew and sell this stuff. I get worried when Mike makes homemade Beer that he might poison us, let alone trying to make grain alcohol and sell it, while also breaking a MILLION Laws.

So Last Nights recap:

Mike started dinner with a little help from me, basically he made the protien and I made the veggies and potato. We had Steak Tips, with Mashed Sweet Potato and Mixed veggies. MmM so good.

I also did a workout and can I say... HOLY SORE... Here is what my workout looked like.
4 sets of 10 Squat Rows
4 sets of 10 Over the Head Tricept curls
4 Sets of 10 Chest Presses

With rest in between, Some Hang Holds on the ring, and some scap retractions for my shoulders...

Let's just say that my arms are sore but my abs... ya know the things that I am told I have but have never seen, yeah those abs, they are HOLY SORE. TRX is a tricky little thing, everything you do requires a strong and engaged core and you don't usually realize it until the next day... Yikes...

After my workout and my dinner feast I did some Holiday Decorating and watched my shows...


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