Thursday, March 14, 2013

Agree to Disagree

One thing that bothers me is when people force their beliefs on you or act like the way they do a certain thing is better than you do something.

Since going Paleo I take any opportunity to help enlighten and educate those around me but I never act like the way I eat is superior to others.

I mostly try to explain how processed foods in our diet is slowly killing us a d is just not a healthy way of eating but again when I meet someone who doesn't agree I leave it at that.

My biggest pet peeve of all is when people challenge my opinion. Don't tell me my opinion is wrong or that I can't think the way I do? I can have any opinion I like and in MY opinion Paleo is a healthier diet than a vegan diet. I can also say that Paleo is a better diet for me personally.

My biggest rule of thumb is that when discussing topics like diet it's not cut and dry. I eat Paleo and while I do I still allow myself some cheats and I am ok. Others may not be able to have a bit of dairy or a bit of grains and be ok... I on the other hand can.

I don't particularly like a vegan or vegetarian diet because it leads many to eat processed foods and grains which I don't agree with. Also some vegetarians and vegans claim they hate the taste of meats and that is mostly because it was probably not properly cooked.

To each there own. However you live and whatever you decide to eat just do the best you can and know that there are some that will disagree... Just try not to force it down people's throat!

Ok end rant...

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