Friday, March 1, 2013

How to prevent an Injury

So I have been working out like a beast the passed few weeks and I have unintentionally wrecked my back. Why did I do this? Unintentionally, I have fallen in love with TRX and while I am ambitious to get in a good sweat sesh I have found that I can sometimes ignore my form and lean on other muscle groups to help. I.E. my back... so if you know TRX or if you don't it's a lot of core strength and if you don't use your core you can wreck your back. Like I have done. So I have been kind of neglecting the TRX this week and doing a ton of Met Con training, or the similar Rounds for time in the crossfit world.

TRX is just so fun... and so is crossfit and since I can't afford Crossfit at the moment, TRX is my new love to hate.

By this I mean I love it but the next day I hate it, I love the burn and I love the results but I hate that it makes me waddle and feel crippled. Hey No Pain no Gain right?

Office Yoga

I am probably the only person to read the How to of the Day on my iGoogle. Today was a rousing version of Office Yoga and I find this interesting because I DO NOT stretch and move enough Mon-Fri. When I am home on the weekends I can barely sit still. I am constantly cleaning, or prepping, cooking, something and I think that is in part because I sit too much at work. I sit for almost 8 hours straight. That's CRAY CRAY... So I find that I need to adjust and stretch and fix my posture so I don't get stiff. I may not meditate and do all these crazy moves but I can say that I definitely do a lot of this.

 Last Nights WOD:
Last Night I planned on doing another timed WOD, but when I got home I wanted nothing to do with working out. So instead I spent some time with my pups and the BF, we have both been having rough days lately so it was good to just relax a little. We cooked a nice meal together and just hung out.

Don't you just love those nights sometimes?


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