Monday, March 11, 2013

Practice What You Preach

So I have been awesome with my eating, I haven't felt sick after eating until last night. I went over to a family members house and I don't know what it was ( maybe the piece of bread or the brownie) but I had terrible stomach cramps on the way home. So after that I have decided never again. I am taking it serious and ending my relationship with grains for real...

This song came on the radio and brought me back to my highschool days. I was so cool and I rocked out to this tune hardcore on Saturday.

I had an awesome day at twirling and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my routines. It is so much fun. I am heading to open gym tomorrow night to practice my duet and I bet I will do some of the other routines as well. I am excited for the busy competition season ahead I hope no more snow is in our future!

Also Mike's Birthday is coming up...What to Do, Where to Go, What to buy?


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