Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yay PBS and Say What You Want!

Sorry guys, Life has gotten so crazy. I had a rough week at work, and Mike had a crazy week. Plus I had gone a little crazy working out, and I hurt my back. So I was excited by the fact that the weekend was here... Until I woke up at 7:30am and found out that my Water Heater was leaking. GREAT.

I had a day of twirling fun ahead of me, and note to self. I NEED TO STRETCH everyday and OMG my twirling coach and team mates are awesome I love spending time there.

After being house bound all Sat and Most of Sun I was able to get out and have a little fun. But Blogging was on the back Burner. Oh and I went for a lovely fast walk with Ace face on Sunday!!!!!

Why PBS Rocks!

Do you hate being censored? Do you hate hearing news people blurt out dumb stats and phony stories? Do you hate Fad Diets? Do you hate that everything is Commercialized?

If you answered Yes to those questions, then GOOD. Me Too! I love the Balanced Bites Podcasts and the one that I heard today with JJ Virgin reminded me why. She has a great podcast with Diane and Liz and the information that she gives is AWESOME! So I hope that you check it out.

Have you ever watched a show and noticed how much the whole show is geared towards so many different advertisers? Can you imagine being on a show and having to re-tape certain parts to cover something you said that MIGHT upset an advertiser. Yep or how about the CRAZY WAY that J.J. Virgin kept herself and her life in check and saved her son's life just by simply taking care of herself and telling doctors they were wrong and they had to do something.


I have had a lot of things going on in my life and the way people act can completely surprise me, yet when you look at your life in the grand scheme of things you can see that it could be a ton worse. Be Thankful everyday and don't sweat the small stuff.

Oh yea and PBS rocks, J.J. was able to pledge her book and speak the truth about the importance of nutrition and say what everyone needs to hear and what they want to say.

"What would you do for Kobe Bryant... If your mission is to make my son walk again then your fired"


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