Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5:30 Am Workout Number 1

So last night I turned in at 9:30, I made a yummy dinner of Wings and Sweet Potato Fries, then I made some Banana Bread with some ripe Bananas. I was ready for bed because I was going to try and get up for a 5:30 work out session.

Last night Mike got a call for work at  1 in the morning and so he was up at 1am and then had to get up again at 3 to finish his job. So of course Ace was confused and he was up and then passed out and then up and then passed out. He was all sorts of confused.

Oh Mom... I dont wanna get up yet.... Just 15 more mins
So anyways my alarm went off at 5:30 and I got up at 5:45 and did a quick 15 min workout.

Mom... Where are you going? Breakfast Time?

530 A.M. Five of Fifty WOD

10 TRX Squats and Push Press
1 Min Ring Hold
10 (increasing by 10 each round) Side Bends
10 Push Ups
* I repeated this for 5 rounds!

I must say that I feel a little sore and a little tired but all in all I am feeling GREAT!!! I feel like I can easily make some good nutritious choices now that I have already worked out for the day...

Lets see what tomorrow's Morning workout will consist of. My plan going forward is to loose a few more pounds and tone up a ton. I am kinda happy with how I look but I do want to get a bit better. I feel like I do well with paleo during the week and then on the weekend its game over. So I need to reel in how I eat most of the time and on days I make an exception I need to work out. And Hard!!!


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