Sunday, April 21, 2013


This past week has been STRESSFUL. With all the crazy going on in Boston and then getting nervous for New York State Competition, signing papers and getting Stuff together for buying a house, and the list go's on and on. It's been nuts. This week I ate pretty Paleo but I did give in a little. I was stressed and I treated myself to ice-cream from Uhlmans, and indulge in a beer here and there.

Tomorrow I will hop on the scale and see where I am at. I still need to find a dress for the weddings that I am going to this year. Tomorrow I get back down stairs working out and going for runs and such. I need to get back into working out for my sanity and I need to get some normalcy back in my life.

Everything has been happening and changing so fast. I miss my crazy paleo concoctions and I miss feeling accomplished eating well and working out. I need to make it more of a priority and stop making excuses. So my plan is to find the things that have seemed to put on the back burner and make them important.

One thing I was reminded this past week!

Look forward to seeing more of my recipes and work outs! Tomorrow is a new day and come there will be a WOD or a Long walk, or a short run, or some sprints, or twirling. 


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