Friday, April 26, 2013

Well Hello warm sunny breeze!

Finally here in New England the weather is shaping up and getting warm. While I love being a cozy bug in the winter and playing in the snow with Ace I enjoy the warm weather so much more. I am one of those girls who spends way too much getting ready just for my hair and make-up to melt off my face. Although I am embracing my makeup free face much more these days and so I think this summer may be different.

Anywho... With warm weather coming out I crave ice cream and ice pops. Did you know that I own an ice-pop maker? Yup Dan and Meg got it for us and I made ice pops one time... and that was it. But since going paleo I think it might be good to break that sucker out and make some easy peasy ice pops for the summer. Did you see the Vanilla bean ice pop recipe on Balanced Bites...OMG it looks so good. Imagine that dipped in chocolate? So yummy. So be on the lookout for some fresh treats and fun times.

Look at this goober... oh and Ace face too..

Life is still super crazy but its all good stuff! Mike and I are buying a house and it just dawned on me that uh we will be closing in less than 7 weeks... OMG when did I grow up?

Tonight is Burgers and sweet potato fries and I think I am going to make some deviled eggs.. I seriously love me my deviled eggs. I am going to try and get in a quick work out tonight...Gotta get into bikini season shape!!!

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