Monday, May 20, 2013

Beast Mode ( Cross Fit North East Regional's )

So this weekend was a CRAZY BUSY FUN WEEKEND... I had a Twirling Fundraiser on Friday night. It took me 3 hours to get there but it was super fun and I won free Paw Sox Tickets :) YAY!!

Now Onto the GAMES...

So my roommate and soon to be In-Law competed in the Crossfit Northeast Regionals. I was an exciting and fun weekend with some awesome feats of fitness displayed. I was in awe of the work done this weekend and I am SO SUPER PROUD of the BALLER JOB Megan did this weekend at the games. She went Balls to the Wall so to speak and it was so fun to see and I had a great time seeing her in the moment and having the time of her life. Love that

Look How Aweson Meg Looks! Beast Mode :)
Mike and I Cheering on Cheg and the CFNE Teams
Rope Climbing Like a Champ!!
Doing Work and Looking Fine!!!

Just a few people came out to support
Crossfit New England Crowd... CFNE!!!!
I had such a great time at the Cross Fit Regionals and it was so nice to see everyone compete and look so great! It has gotten the spark in me lit and so today I woke up with great intentions of maintaining my Paleo lifestyle and my work out plans. Going to get fit for life...

Check out the recap HERE

How was your Weekend?


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