Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Customer Service Makes a Difference

Since going Paleo I do most of my shopping at Whole Foods. Yes its expensive and yes it is tricky but I am able to get the foods I want and the quality of foods that I want. Want a break down of where I shop? Here goes...

I buy my bulk items like coffee and water at BJ's Yes I buy bottled water, but not just any water I buy seltzer. What can I say I love the bubbles and I haven't had a soda in years.

I buy most of my veggies and fruits here and sometimes lunch meat. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy some other items at stop and shop but I have to watch the sales.

Trader Joe's is where I buy my butter and beer and wine! Trader Joe's is great for some bulk items too.

I watch sales and buy whats on sale and where. It's kind of a pain but it ensures that I get the best deals and the stores are all in the same vicinity so it makes it easy to go from place to place and get the best deals.

I am working on getting into a better groove with my meals. I need to get better at meal planning and actually do it. I need to think better at what to make for dinner.


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