Friday, May 10, 2013

Mrs. Clean

So this morning as I was in the shower I got an itch to scrub the grout in my shower... So after I got out I grabbed the Tilex and got to work spraying down the grout and shower walls. I am kind of a fanatic when it comes to clean showers and bath tubs. So anywho, while I am crazy about it cleaning the shower is my least favorite job. I hate using bleach and I almost always get it on my clothes. Most of the time when I wipe down the counters in my kitchen its just a mixture of soap and water. Or I buy the least harmful and smelly kind. Since Mike and I are buying our for-right-now-house, I am thinking I need to kick my bleach habit.

Lets just say that coffee and Bleach and various candled scents to cover and eliminate that TOXIC smell is not something you long to wake up too.. I'm sure my room mates were not a fan, sorry guys. My plan was to get it done first thing in the morning so it would have all day to air out.

I am looking for a better way and better solution to use that is safe on me and my family and doesn't make Mike run for the gas masks. I use this stuff because it works, and the smelly scented ones don't. Anyone have any ideas?


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