Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear No-One-Reading-This...

Sorry for my absence...

Life has been a roller coaster.

Dan and Meg's Wedding Coming Up... OMG it's so close and I am getting excited. Between fun crafts with the Bride and hearing all the fun ideas and things they chose and the Showers and SIDECARS... OMG new favorite drink and the Bachelorette Party coming up!

Mike and I becoming First-Time-Home-Buyers... We close on Friday.. stay tuned for a blog focused on house updates and before and afters and OMG the craziness that comes with being a home owner.

Twirling Road Trip for Nationals.... yep I hopping in the car with 3 crazy awesome girls to drive to Ohio and compete in the TU Nationals!

Life has just gotten a bit crazy and my diet has kinda done whatever. I have been twirling my butt off, so my workouts consist of lifting boxes and twirling for 4 to 6 hours a day... Yep Life is CRAZY... once I move in the new house I want to start some new life style changes and routines... Ace needs to get to the park more and out for more walks... So we will making some great changes soon. Stay tuned.

Oh and Dont forget to check back and see some new and Awesome dinners from my new and AWESOME kitchen.. The Paleo Chef will be back!!!


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