Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things...

Mike and I have not really been making great food choices, and that all stops today... This morning we had some yummy gluten free waffles... I KNOW... Its not totally Paleo.. there is prob rice flour or something in it, BUT our kitchen and house is turned upside down while we finish painting. I wanted to start us off on the right foot so, this morning we had Van's Mini Waffles.
They were pretty good. Even Mike liked them. He knows that I am trying to swap out the crap foods for better foods and so he hesitant when I say, "Hey babe try this" he always thinks its a trick.

On tonight's agenda, we are finishing painting the living room so we can move our stuff back in... and get things in a more working order around here...

I am excited to try some new recipes from Gather a cookbook I bought right before the move... It's more meant for entertaining but hey leftovers are great for lunch!!

Tomorrow Night I have free tickets to the Pawtucket Red Sox.. So its should be a great Friday night!!!
See ya Soon,


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