Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Too Full After Lunch?

Sometimes when I don't eat a perfectly paleo breakfast like this...
I find myself ravenous around 10:30/11 am. By that point I am either scoping out the online menu for the cafe in the building or I am eyeing my lunch that I brought in from home. Then by the time lunch comes and ends I'm stuffed. Today I had the last of our steak fajitas and boy am I so full.. I ate the peppers and onions and steak pieces with a few bites of a GF Tortilla and OMG I'm ready for a nap. I just don't understand I ate less for lunch than I did last night for dinner yet I am FULL.

This morning when my alarm went off I was supposed to get up, and take the pup out for a nice run/walk around the neighborhood.
But I felt more like this guy and I just hit snooze and rolled over. Now that I have a DVR I am terrible at trying to stay awake for some TV. I lay down and get comfy and watch rather than do productive things and multitask like I used to. So last night I fell asleep on the couch and Mike woke me up to go to bed at like 12. He went to bed with me, but he must have gone back downstairs to do some work because at 2am he was walking in and turning on lights.

So My plan to get up and run was much defeated. Yes I made my decision, and didn't run, but I plan on hitting the pavement when I get home tonight. I have a few errands to run, and then its home to get me and the pup some exercise... I just don't feel good! I need to get back to my lean mean working out machine!!!


What is your motivation to get up and workout in the morning?

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