Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting In Groove

Tonight, when I get home I am running upstairs changing into workout gear and leashing Ace up and we are heading out for little jogging/walking in our neighborhood. My mind is full of craziness so I need to unleash some stress and get in a good workout.

Tonight for dinner I think we will just eat some leftovers and keep it easy. I hate seeing food go to waste. I also plan on making a meal plan for the week and then doing my shopping. I have a big Halloween party this Saturday that I am so excited for!!! I can't wait to have everyone over and just act like young kids and have a blast...

Wanna see what's been going on in my world... Here is a Photo recap!

Cards Against Humanity!!! You MUST play it's FABTABULOUS!!! I won by the way!!!

I am all READY for Halloween and Trick or Treaters!!! I can't wait!!!

My House looks quite awesome! Day or Night!!!

Whats Shaking with you guys?


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