Friday, November 15, 2013

Freaky Friday

Hey Guys!!!
I am still super sore from Wednesdays work out! Last night I took it easy and just stretched a little and just had a relaxing night. Mike and I made wings for dinner and they were so yummy! My trick is to grill or bake them and they come out crispy and perfect every time... I also ONLY buy my wings from Whole Foods. Better food better fuel!!

We tossed them lightly in Franks Red Hot sauce and also some crazy ghost chili and habenero sauce. I ate one wing. It was yummy and definitely HOT. 
Random Thought for our Freaky Friday-
Would you do 30 squats in front of a machine in a Subway instead of paying for your fare? Check out this story?
I think this is awesome and I feel like it is something that we over look. It's so easy to hop on the elevator rather then walk that flight of stairs but a little movement in the day can make all the difference.
I would totally do this for a free ride.. and just think how much money you would save and pounds you would loose and strength you would get if you did this everyday for a month....


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