Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Music Soothes My Soul

Tuesdays Are the BEST DAYS EVER!!!

Want to know why because it's the day when new albums drop. Last week one of my favorites had there album drop.
Yep that is right! Lady Gaga's Art pop album dropped and I really like a lot of the songs. Some of them are a bit artistic but I love the beats and the catchy verses.

This week, YESTERDAY the Daughtry album dropped! Baptized!!!!
Food for Thought:

Tonight Mike wanted a stir-fry so I stopped at the store and picked up some rice noodles, gluten free soy sauce, peppers and onions, and some chicken. The meal came together pretty quickly I quickly and it wasn't that many ingredients and still super yummy!

After dinner I hopped on the computer to get some work done. I also played a little Daughtry for Mike and he seemed to like the album. I think it's a little soft for him, but I think he enjoyed it, I know I did.


-How's your week going?

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