Thursday, November 14, 2013

Peanut Butter and Banana's!!!

I am back to my old favorite breakfast... Banana's and Teddie Peanut Butter!! If you are looking for a quick and healthy and filling breakfast you can't get any easier than this. When I am in a rush and my tummy is rumbling I just grab a couple scoops of peanut butter in a Tupperware container and throw a banana in my bag, grab a spoon and in two minutes I am out the door. Then you just throw the banana in either by slicing it or just breaking it into peices with your hand and Voila! Breakfast is ready...
I was in a rush this morning. I snoozed longer than I wanted to and I got up a bit late. I wanted to make breakfast but I just didn't have time. I do love this breakfast though! It yummy and filling and it takes me some time to eat it which is perfect! Keeps me eating longer and fuller longer. Sipping a lovely coffee with So Delicious Creamer :)

Last night while my yummy pork chops cooked I worked out...
8 Rounds for Time
This totally kicked my butt and I am super duper sore today!!! Wonder what crazy work-out I will do tonight... I am thinking some serious stretching is in order as well!

Twirling is in full swing and I love it! I love learning new routines and I totally love the team! So happy to be back with my family!!! Hopefully we will get to compete with my old team sometime this year!!!
How are you guys doing?

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