Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why I Buy Organic

I know I know... " Ashley organic is a scam, how can it organic, and organic is such a gimmick and so expensive how can you afford to eat like that.. " I know...

Well I can afford to eat organic because of videos like this...Be Aware that this video is VERY DISTURBING and very GRAPHIC. I couldn't watch any more than 10 seconds of the video.

Any food that requires the vicious slaughtering of animals is just not right. I know that some will think I am hypocritical because no I am not a vegetarian and yes I like my meat but that is the food cycle. I eat beef from cows that graze and eat grass, not genetically created corn so that they bloat and grow to be massive, same for for chicken, and pigs.

I know where my food comes from and I know that the people who prepare them for me do so in a way that doesn't torture the animal and gets to me the best fresh way possible. I am a big believer in you get what you put in. So if your eating gross meat washed with ammonia from an animal that eat created corn products then your not going to feel the best or get the best nutrition.

I don't know much and while I veer on and off this Paleo track and try new things, I always eat organic and grass fed meats from local farmers.

If you don't believe me.... then watch FoodInc. and it will change your life!!!


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