Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year. New Me!!!

Hello Kids!!!!

So here are my New Years Goals for 2014. I have never sat down and wrote down my goals for the new year so this year things are going to change. They are going down in ink and I WILL be successful!!! So here goes!!!

- to loose 20 pounds and keep it off. Not only do I want to loose body fat but I want to gain muscle! Strong is sexy!!

- Cook something new each week! That will give me 52 new dishes that I can add to my recipe book. 

- Compile my favorite recipes on my blog so I have a reference of all my favorite dishes new and old. 

- Do 1 household project a month. Big or small I want to complete my house in 2014. Design, renovation, and organization!

- Become better at budgeting and saving money. 

- Deal with stress by trying yoga, working out, or a few minutes of meditation. 

- Travel to someplace new or take a vaction with Mike. 

Well there you have it! Those are my goals for the new year! What are your goals? 

Here are some pictures from how I rang in the new year! 

Oh we had a blast and my friends are awesome! 


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