Friday, January 10, 2014

Shutting Down My Blog... Paleo Is the WORST DIET


As if I would do that... If you read my title of this post then I am sure that you looked like this.

I am not shutting down my blog. I am however SUPER annoyed about the media attention that the Paleo diet has been getting.

It's not even that it is in the media that bothers me, but the fact that I have heard many people discuss this and just take it for face value. (MOM). 

As kids we always heard the saying just because someone wants to jump off the bridge does that mean you should too? I am not going to just stop eating eggs because they " can give you high cholesterol" or not eat red meat because its bad for your heart, or start eating tofu because its healthy.

After doing the Paleo diet strict, I came away with this. If you want to loose weight the healthy way and fast then the Paleo diet is a good way to break old habits and re-train your brain of what whole and healthy foods are. You can get sucked into Paleo but for the most part once you learn how to eat carbs through veggies it does get easier.

I believe that Paleo is also great for someone who thinks they have a dairy or gluten allergy because it allows you to really step away from them and see if it makes a difference to eliminate from your life.

As a person who worked in the broadcast field you have to learn to watch the news and take it with a grain of salt. There main goal in news today is to break a story. Not have all the facts right.

----Side note, want to see a show on how media and news standards have changed over the years. Watch this PBS film about the JFK assassination, I am sure it will shock you how much news has changed.
 OK that will end my rant for today... Let me know your thoughts on the Paleo diet or the article. I am interested in some opposing opinions and reasons why.


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