Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Truth Hurts!!!

Some people may see this, become mad and close my blog and maybe never read again, OK that's your choice. Just like it's my choice to write this, and if you give me a chance I will explain where I am coming from.

If you read my blog you know me and my struggles with my weight and body, I have never thought big was beautiful, I do however think that you can be a variety of sizes and shapes and still be beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin. Maybe I struggle with being comfortable in my own body but that doesn't mean you have to be. 

At this point in my life I am all about "healthy". Does that mean that I can't eat "this" or "that"? No it means that I will be working hard to keep my diet in check and eat as clean as I can. I have seen documentaries with women and men who love being bigger and who can work it and if that works for you, then that's your choice, but it may not be healthy.

Think of it another way, would you trust and listen to a personal trainer who had rock hard abs and ate clean and worked out consistently and then found out that they were a Pack-A-Day smoker? Not really the picture of health huh? I am tired of the media and magazines saying that "this person is healthy, or that person is obese" First of all it's not your job to judge other people. What we should be doing in educating and making healthy affordable and easy for anyone who wants to get healthy to get healthy.

I have contemplated changing my blog name since I don't really follow the Paleo diet as strict anymore, I follow a more "Clean" diet, but it doesn't matter what I call it my life is better and my diet is better. Sure I eat bread once in a while, and pasta, but it's GOOD and FRESH and not just store bought and processed.

Right now I want to loose a few LB's but I am not focusing on what I want to loose I am focusing on my diet and exercise and just working on staying consistant. Living an 80/20 lifestyle where I eat clean, but also enjoy life and enjoy the foods I like that may not have the highest nutrients. 

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