Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Plus Sized Model

Want to Laugh Check out This Article

Yup apparently she is plus sized. 

Which means if she is Plus Sized then I am obese. I remember watching the Tyra Banks modeling show, and I remember seeing a girl or two that were a size 14 and I remember thinking wait a minute they are plus sized? I get it, a woman wearing size 14 pants next to a woman wearing size 0, ok I guess so. But then when you look at some women who have bones sticking through and they are eating barely 500 calories a day to stay skinny and thin you have to ask yourself is it worth it? 

I have struggled with my weight and I still do, but it should come down to how you feel and if you feel good in your skin and your not in any danger health wise no one should judge you. That girl is clearly a healthy young girl with curves and be no means is she plus sized. 

XO, Ash

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