Thursday, January 16, 2014


This is my work out for tonight when I get home I was so excited to receive my Barre DVDs in the mail yesterday!!! I just need to hook up the DVD player in my back room so I can start doing the workouts!!!! 

This is what I got and I plan to do a mix of my Bodeefit workouts like the one I am  
Doing tonight and the barre excercises.

The reason for both is so that I can get the strength and conditioning and fill my crossfit cravings at home with the Bodeefit workouts and then do the barre workouts to help increase flexibility and work my core. I have tried yoga and it just isn't my thing it's too hippy dippy but I am looking forward to trying Barre. 

I will do a review on the set once I get my feet wet with it!!  

My workout sched for the week!

Thurs: Dipping Out Bodeefit WOD
Fri: Intro to Barre 
Sat: Twirling 
Sun: Twirling Competition

Stay tuned for more updates on my workouts and new recipes :) 


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