Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014

I love Marathon Monday... It's the best day ever!!!

My day started out by getting my car checked in to get fixed and picking up a rental car... This is what I am driving... 

I miss my car and after going on a wild goose chase to find the rental car place I miss my car but I was well on my way to celebrate Marathon Monday!!!

I had my Wicked Strong shirt and head full of curls and I was ready to go. 

We watched the elite runners compete with our Irish coffees and some waffles and Nutella yum! 

Then we hopped on the T and heading into the city!!!

You have to give these people credit for running 26.2 miles and training hard in NE!!! We cheered on so many people for just going out and doing something amazing!!!

We are the Number 1 cheerleaders!!!

We stood at the 1k to go, it was the closest we got but we had a great time despite the added closures do to security!!

It was a great day that ended out to dinner at the Local in a Newton!!! 


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