Friday, April 18, 2014

Colby's Bit of Bad Luck

So this week has been a long and crazy week for my car! Mike tried replacing the tie-rod this passed weekend and came away with a cut on his hand and a tetanus shot. 

So back to my car. Mike has been driving my car all week since he was worried about the tie-rod and his commute is much less than mine. 

This happened on Tuesday...

It doesn't look like much, but upon further inspection my bumper is cracked and my grill is cracked. I have an appointment to have it appraised through claim today so we will see. I also had my tie-rod replaced and now I'm waiting for it  to get aligned and a new tire mounted and balanced! 

I also found out that I need to have my Lower control arm replaced since it's not the right part...How this had gotten passed numerous mechanics for the last 5 years boggles my mind. 

Oh and that Chevy recall yeah that's also in the works of getting handled! Colby is getting lots of attention lately... 


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