Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mary Had A Little...

Whoops is that wrong of me? 

Anywho I made my first ever leg of lamb and it was delicious. It was on sale at Whole Foods so I figured why not. I bought a 3 lb leg of lamb and cooked it much like a regular roast of some kind. 

Leg of Lamb
3 lb Leg of Lamb
Vegetable Stock
White Wine
4-5 Cloves of garlic 
Wondra or Flour
Salt and Pepper

Season your leg of lamb liberally with salt and pepper. 

Put a few turns of EVOO into a hot pan or Dutch Oven. Then add in your leg of lamb and sear on all sides. 

Once seared, add vegetable stock a few glugs and some white wine a few glugs and then out it into a 325 degree oven with the lid on basting every 15 mins 

Once your lamb hits 125 internal temp take it out and let it rest. Begin cutting the lamb at 135 degrees internal temp for medium rare. 

I then made a quick pan gravy with the leftover liquid in the Dutch oven and just whisked in some Wondra until it was the right consistency. 

I served my Leg of Lamb with a gravy and roasted Brussel Sprouts and Steamed Gravy. 

Dinner was delicious!!! I would recommend it and it wasn't too far off From things I normally make! 


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