Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Staying Strong

One year ago today the Boston Marathon was tainted with fear and the City of Boston was shaken. No sporting event and even an event like the Boston Marathon where so many come to do good should ever be shaken by fear.

Today as the city reflects and the families mourn and remember loved ones, and those that lost limbs strive to gain an inch of their life and freedom back I sit here angry.

I wasn't there that day, but I planned to be. My plans changed last minute and I stayed home and spent the day with my pup. After a year, the city of Boston can't be stronger yet there are still so many people out there testing the waters and forgetting what it all really means.

This year, since it's the first year back the City is on edge and people are nervous. Not only did the bombers take 4 lives in total but they also took a piece of our confidence. We all chant Boston Strong and we will show up next Monday but we will all keep our eyes open a bit more and hold on tighter to the ones we love? We are worried, excited, and strong.

As I hear on the news about the plans for the marathon I am saddened because things have changed and will be forever changed. No longer can the men and women of the military use the coveted Boston Marathon as there Ruck route. Why does this bother me? I remember seeing my college ROTC running in the race and my friend and I cheered so loud and with such pride! It is nice to see the men the women of our country complete a feat that is remarkable and on such a fun and glorious day! There are other trails and other places to Ruck but to me that hurts.

To hear people argue about the right to a bag search along the route or even at the finish line. The simple fact that people think they have the right to act like its such a horrible thing for a 5 second look into a bag while walking down Boyleston Street, but will wait in a twenty minute line to have there bag searched at a Sox game.

After a year I am hopeful that we will gain our confidence back and I am looking forward to seeing it in a week. I have met people from all over the US, during the weekend of the Marathon. I am honored to live in this City and I will be there. Cheering on the survivors, the veteran runners, the first timers, the young, the old, the elite and the amateur.

Stay Strong Boston!


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