Monday, April 14, 2014

Why I am a Homeowner!

Who needs a gym, or a fitness class, or personal trainer? My gym is my house! All the yard work that I do is whipping me into shape! 

My Yardwork WOD consisted of: 
Raking All of front yard and half the back (Arms/Cardio)
Cleaning out all the flower beds (squats)
Picking up leaves and putting them into leaf bags (squats)
Carrying Leaf bags from back to the front (Arms/OHS squat/cardio)
Removing Pallets and Leaves from under bushes (squats/arms) 

My body felt wrecked last night but I feel great today and I want to do more!!! 

He enjoyed the gorgeous weather on Sunday while Mike and I tackled the leaves and dead grass! We are done with removal and we are super ready to start to see growth and enjoy our plush back yard! 

It's been a busy weekend between Twirling and Yardwork! 

I am looking forward to planting some flowers later this week and also seeing some new grass grow!!! That brown muddy stuff needs to go away!! 

I am starting Barre this week! I am ready to get my body ready for the beach! Let's do this!!!  

How was your weekend? 


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