Friday, April 11, 2014

Work Day Eats

So Wondering what I eat when I am at work all day long? Here you go!!! You can be healthy at work... This is what I do.


I always eat breakfast! Sometimes I eat at home and when I am rushed in the morning I bring it with me!
Here are some of the Breakfasts that I eat.
Coconut Yogurt with Udi's Gluten Free Yogurt!
Fried Eggs with Homemade Hashbrowns and some kind of Meat
Peanut and Banana with Coffee and Water

So obviously some days are easier and more filling than others. On days when I eat a full egg and protein breakfast is usually when I'll be eating a late lunch or dont really have a good lunch option so I fill up in the beginning of the day.

Lunch is usually leftovers for me or I will grab a salad, and sometimes I eat an omlette at work. 
This was today's Lunch Leftover Steak and Mashed Potatoes! MmM
I don't usually snack at my desk. If I have candy or chips I will just keep eating so I don't eat I drink... Water that is. I wrote on my water bottle to make me conscious about drinking lots of water and I find I usually get through two bottles a day!!! I also try and walk around a bit to get my legs moving!
This is a cool tip if you forget to drink. It gives you a goal. 
What do you guys eat at work? Do you have a drawer full of treats? Do you sit too much, or have a standing workspace?


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